Corporate Social Responsibility

Another project Bethany branded we love is Swimathon.

The month of July makes us think of Swimathon, the swimming competition organized by the Community Foundation from Iasi which yearly mobilizes the community around these social causes.

The event demonstrates that philanthropy can take funny forms, becoming in the same time an efficient tool of gathering funds.

Thus, year by year, the Focality team encourages its members that make “waves”, to support the programs initiated by the foundation.

For this competition the team spirit, the solidarity and determination are the key elements that make from Swimathon Iasi one of the most loved and waited for events of the summer.


As a corporation, we measure our results not only in terms of profitability and our own well-being, but also in terms of impact on the community.

We believe that we can positively influence the society by implication and responsibility.

Focality is active part in a series of social, cultural and educational initiatives meant to help and inspire the tomorrow Romania.

Gala for disabled children and young people: Star of Hope Romania

Focality supports, as sponsor, the Gala for disabled children and young people: Star of Hope Romania, event organized by Star of Hope, meant to collect funds to support 325 disabled children and young people hosted in the centers of the foundation.

The event will take place on the 15th of December 2016, 5 pm, at the Grand Hall of the Luceafaru Theater from Iasi.

We chose to be next to these young people who, by their courage, ambition and tenacity, overcame the limits imposed by disability, becoming models for the community.


Because we know that the most important resource of a community are the people, we chose to involve in various activities focused on children.

Children are our future, investment in them bringing incommensurable joys: love, respect, gratitude, and hope in an educated society.

Together with the school Dimitrie Anghel from village Cornesti, Miroslava, Iasi, we bring joy on children’s faces every year on Christmas Time, playing the Santa Claus role.

We are also beside them at the “Poetry, Music and Dans Festival”, part of the Educational Project: “I am a child, as you are”

The Electrotechnical Faculty Graduates from Iasi (SETIS)

The association of the graduates from the Iasi Electrotechnical Faculty was found in 2002. The idea came to life because it found an echo in the minds and hearts of the initial core, that of the founding members.

The purpose of the association, that edits and issues a biannual magazine, is to strengthen the relationships between graduates, with potential benefits for scientific collaborations, in business or material support for those in need.

We chose to reward the chiefs of promotion that receive an important recognition from SETIS, every year since 2002.

The School Inspectorate from Iasi

The elevated atmosphere of Iasi, the past loaded with history and culture, retrieved today, in modern forms, in the university landscape, in the cultural vibration of museums, libraries or cultural centers creates a state of mind which favors education, competition, desire of achievement. All these together set footprint on the pre-university education from Iasi, landmark for the Romanian education.

Year 2012 started the project: The Gala of Excellence in Education, dedicated to recognition of the pupils and teachers’ performance, with outstanding results at the national and international Olympics.

We are honored to support this event every year.


The charity gala: Smile as a gift organized by Save the Children, Iasi, celebrates the generosity, friendship and care for people.

All the funds obtained within the Gala event will be used to help 120 children from the three educational centers of the organization. They are children from disadvantaged families who are in risk to leave school.

Gala Zambet in Dar_1

In partnership with The Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Iasi and the Rotary clubs, by means of the Spring Ball, we supported the disabled children, the children from villages, beneficiaries of scholarships for children who are monitored by one of the two NGOs from Iasi who remarkably dedicated their activity to the social projects: Star of Hope Romania and Pro Ruralis Association.

Together with Bethany, we always have ongoing projects loved by our team.

The winter campaign, most beloved by us is, of course, Be Santa Claus!

The idea of the campaign is to offer the children from Iasi villages the desired Christmas gifts.

This year we visit children from nursery school to the 4th grade. How we do this? Children sent letters to Santa Claus with the desired gifts. Anyone from the company who wants to “adopt” a letter can receive one.

The beauty of this campaign is that the children receive exactly what they wished for.

In 2012 Bethany invited the people of Iasi, for the first time, to make an exercise of generosity in a distinghuised and elegant scenery.

The Ball from the Castle came to life from the wish to support children and youth in need and since then it reunites every year more than 400 remarkable personalities and partners from the cultural, medical or business environment.

With every edition, The Ball from the Castle has new and inventive approaches, from different themes to ballroom set-up, artistic moments, menu, and outfit to the most refined organizational details.

It was our pleasure to join the 2017 edition of The Ball from the Castle, we entered a world where everything is possible with imagination. The magic of the decorations, the childhood adventures with its beloved characters were part of the story named simply and beautifully: “Once upon a time”.

We answered every year to the invitation came from Star of Hope Romania to support disabled children from the Star of Hope Iasi:

Afis Steaua Sperantei

“Give a gift, change a destiny!” for behavioral therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy, life abilities.”

“Give from the heart” supports the disabled children”

Daruieste din inima

“There is hope! There is Star of Hope!”

Courage, love, devotion and generosity are the central values of the campaign and are promoted as models of attitude, highlighted by the successful stories. Practically, the public is encouraged to take attitude and involve in the community “Star of Hope”. Due to expertise, care and hope, year by year, more and more stories from the Foundation follow an optimistic route.

“Together in my world and in your world”

“Together in my world and in your world” is a campaign branded Star of Hope. It is a call to each of us to accept and help the one in sufferance. The Romanian society unfortunately suffers because of prejudgments but also because disabled persons are not respected, giving them access to education or financial support for therapies.

Impreuna in lumea mea si a ta
Bradul Solidaritatii

“International Day of Down Syndrome, Diversity March”

is an event organized by Star of Hope, within the worldwide campaign „Lots of Socks”.

The purpose of the event is to make people understand what Down syndrome means, what it means to suffer from this and how people affected can have an active role within their communities.

This year we concentrate on their health and wellbeing.




Rotary Club Iasi Copou in partnership with the Association for Sport, The Elite Running Association and Eyes Open, with the support of Iasi City Hall, organized the first edition of Iasi 2015 Half Marathon.

The idea of organizing a half marathon, sport competition that requires an outstanding physical and mental effort, is born from the association of the image of an exhausted marathoner with that of the fight that a child, deprived of material or financial resources, undergoes in order to complete studies and become an essential piece in the puzzle of our society.

semimaraton iasi 2015

Iasi 2015 Half Marathon was a charity competition that supported the cause of the Foundation Proruralis from Iasi, organization which offers scholarships for talented pupils from villages, coming from disadvantaged families: 100 children with ages between 11 and 19 years.

The main focus of this first edition was to offer scholarships for exceptional children from Proruralis to continue their studies in the high schools from Iasi.